There are several ways that people can get to and from the airport. Some methods will be more suitable for travelers than others. The option chosen will largely depend on the traveler’s personal preferences and budget.Airport Transfers: How to Get To and From the Airport

Listed below are some of the airport travel options available to travelers.

– Drive to the airport. This is not the best solution as travelers will have to pay for petrol and parking. Getting a transfer is much cheaper.

– Take a taxi. Like driving, catching a cab to the airport is expensive. That being said, some taxi companies offer flat rate fares to and from the local airport.

– Catch a shuttle. A shuttle is a mini-van that is shared by multiple travelers. The ride is longer as the driver has to drop off travelers at their hotels or homes. Because drivers carry multiple passengers, they can afford to have lower prices than taxi cabs.

– Take public transport. This is only an option in areas where public transport is cheap and reliable. Some examples of these places are NYC and Singapore.

How to Book Airport Transfers

Tourists have two options when it comes to booking shuttles and taxis. They can either book in advance or simply show up at the airport.

If travelers choose to take their chances and not make a booking they are risking time delays. There may not be a shuttle or taxi immediately available. This is especially true if the airport is slow. If a traveler has to be somewhere by a certain time, they are better off booking ahead of time.

Advance bookings can be made by contacting the transport provider via phone or internet. Travel agents can also make these bookings on the customer’s behalf.

Booking through a travel agent can be costly as agents take a commission for every booking they make. On the flip side, transport providers often discount transfers if customers book directly through their website.

Going to the airport can be an ordeal. Travelers have to lug their baggage to the check-in desk, go through security and wait for hours to board the plane. The last thing they will want to do when they arrive is to find an expensive and inconvenient transport provider. This can be avoided by doing some research and booking an airport transfer.