Truth need to be said, taxis can be extremely helpful especially when one is stranded at an airport or even a train station. Most travellers and tourists trust their taxi drivers and do not contemplate being swindled in one way or the other. Although most taxi drivers are honest and extremely reliable, there are a few who are out there to take advantage of you, and will try to milk you your money as much as they can. Here are several ways on how to avoid such.

1. Only use well- marked   taxi carbs
Most fraudulent taxi drivers operate on unmarked taxi car, that use a taxi flash on the roof only. Drivers on these taxis are extremely nice, and will use charming words to woo you into their carbs. To avoid this, you should only board taxi carbs marked boldly as taxis, and with a service number on it.

2. Use local currency, and travel with loose change
Some taxi drivers have a tendency of claiming they do not have loose change, thus prompting you to pay more than the required amount. To avoid this, ensure you have loose change and in the local currency used. You should also check with travel advisors for rates of commuting from one place to another while using a taxi. This is just a way to protect yourself from drivers out there to fleece you.

3. Make use of maps
Most taxis around the world use a meter when charging for services rendered. You should only pay the amount indicated on the meter. You however need to avoid cabs that claim that their meter is broken just to overcharge you. If the meter is broken, the driver should charge you reasonably as the others do.  If you have a smartphone, you can use Google maps or any other routing service to help you find way in wherever you are going.  It is more comforting when you see the driver taking the recommended route as indicated in the routes.

Above all ways of avoiding scams in airports, it is advisable for you to stay sharp and focused when negotiating with the driver.