ATS, or Airport Transfer Solutions is one of the leading airport transfer service providers in Australia. Here are the benefits included when traveling with airport transfer solutions.

Friendly, Courteous and Professional Chauffeurs

Drivers of the ATS fleet are helpful and polite. Aside from this, ATS drivers are proven certified as they have passed various police checks and airport certified professionals. On top of this, the drivers are Female Friendly Certified. According to Female Friendly Association, “To become Female Friendly Accredited, a business must deliver a consistently high standard of customer service and have robust management processes.” For ATS to acquire accreditation to their chauffeurs, Female Friendly Association makes use of the following criteria:

-feedback from female customers
-staff adherence to industry criteria
-the policies of the company in order to maintain highest ethical standards and professionalism
-methods of the company to train their staff to meet and even exceed the expectations of their customers

And ATS has successfully meet all of the criteria mentioned in order to be accredited female friendly certified.

Door-to-Door Personal Service

ATS Staff and Chauffeurs provide personal Door-to-Door service to their guests, meaning they will have exclusive transfer, not a shuttle service. The personnel are courteous and will even carry their luggage for them at both ends of the transfer. ATS Staffs are also trained to use a signboard with the name of their guests on it when picking them up from the airport.

Complimentary Services during Transfers

During the transfer, the guests of ATS can enjoy complimentary services at no extra charge. All they need to do is just inform the staff before and during the transfer once they need them.

-The vehicles of ATS are equipped with WiFi routers for the WiFi enabled devices of their guests. The chauffeurs will be courteous enough to provide them details on how they could enjoy their WiFi service.

-If their guests would need to rest during the transfer after a long flight, ATS drivers will be helpful enough to wake them up and do reminder calls for them.

-The cars do have light refreshments and reading material for the enjoyment of their guests.

-ATS Drivers and Chauffeurs can provide baby seats and booster seats when their guests would require them as compliance with Queensland regulations to ensure the safety of children during the transfer.

No Hidden Surcharges

With the exception of Christmas Day, the quoted price for the transfer service is the total cost the guests would need to pay. Standard charges when paying by AMEX, Diner’s Club or Cabcharge would still apply.

With the services Airport Transfer Solutions can offer, it is one good way to enjoy transfers from the airport.