The dreaded moment has arrived. You hear the landing gears screech and see the anticipation in the eyes of those around you, bright and eager with the prospect of seeing old friends or loved ones upon arrival or maybe buying a pretzel. But not you, not this time. You see, you’re on the job, a corporate slave, pretty much. And there will be no loved ones or pretzels for you, my friend. Your airport experience will be the same as ever, a mad scramble for a waiting airplane that may or may not be at the gate which may or may not be the same one which is printed on your boarding pass (which may or may not still be in your pocket). Why do you do this to yourself? You should have been a dentist. Dentists don’t travel, they fix teeth. Teeth don’t travel, at least not when they need fixing. Things are becoming very clear to you. This flight is illuminating, but not really in a good way. You really want one of those pretzels, if only to replace the sodium which is leeching out of your body through your tear ducts. Ouch.

Sometimes traveling is fun, like when you are a child or very very old. But you are neither, and traveling is not very fun. You wish you were at the dentist’s office, not traveling. But sometimes you need to travel, and those times are when you need to travel for your job. Now is one of those times.

How do you make traveling less bad then? Here are some tips for improving your corporate airport transfer experience!

Book your private airport transfer at the same time you book your flight. That way you ensure yourself that from your house to work your going to travel smoothly.

Airport Transfer Solutions offers female friendly drivers for all our customers. It’s easier to travel with certified professionals who have respect for their clients.

Airport transfer solutions also has an elite range of cars to select from. You don’t need to be hurdled into a bus full of smelly people who just got off a long flight. Our cars and drivers are completely yours.

If you are a corporate guru, private airport transfers wil be a lot of fun.